01.25.14 /19:44/ 1997

Textile fragment
Place of origin:

Egypt (Qar/Badari site, made)


300-699 (made)

Materials and Techniques:

Woven wool

Credit Line:

Gift of the British School of Archaeology in Egypt , in 1923. From an excavation associated with William Flinders Petrie.
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past life observer

"Be an observer. Not everything needs a reaction."
~Angelina PhouGui Chan-Ong

Blank Dogs

from a time where I felt a certain way that I can’t relate to now but somehow I can still remember—

and somehow I’m still the same.

“He succeeded in being considered totally uninteresting.
People left him alone.
And that was all he wanted.”
— Patrick Süskind

Canvas  by  andbamnan